The first step in our process is individual consultation to help us to understand the needs of our client. We then identify experts who can address the specific needs. Before registering experts in our system, we confirm their credibility to ensure that they are accomplished in their technical areas.


Thinking together is the most critical step. A personalized workspace will be created for the client and expert within our online system. Many convenient tools – including technical information resources – are integrated into the workspace for interactions between collaborators. We are able to facilitate needs and understanding, create a clear purpose statement, and provide solutions and approaches for problem solving by asking and answering questions on both sides.


Working together toward a clear goal is the next step. Both the client and the expert will be able to use their personalized workspace to work on tasks and subtasks and simultaneously share information. All collaborating activities are traceable, saved, and protected in a secured way. We also provide services and staff to assist the collaboration when necessary.


Henry Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” We know the importance of seeing things from different perspectives. Through project collaboration, we promote interdisciplinarity and cross-cultural understanding, and maintain a suitable environment to always create innovative ideas.